indonesia dish very delicious

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indonesia dish very delicious, he has piquant individuality because uses spices as the flavor. i shall give indonesia dish recipe for you that is "Soto Ayam".see ingredient and the maker manner under this.
1 chicken is boiled with water sufficient
5 eggs that at boiled (dissociate dengam the skin).
2 potatoes that at boiled.
toge sufficient
potato crispy chips
fried onion sufficient
alpine galanga 2 cm, contuse
sereh 1 stick, contuse
salt, pepper, sugar
onion leaf, celery slices soft

flavor is refined:
onion 3 bras
garlic 5 cloves
ginger 1 cm
turmeric 1 cm
candlenut 5 bras

manner cooks:
1. chicken boileds at cut to pieces soft.
2. insert soft flavor, sereh, alpine galanga, salt, sugar, pepper intoes chicken broth until boil.
3. present at cup with composed egg, toge, boiled potato, suiran chicken and pour with sauce, taburi fried onion, daum onion, celery mengatasnya and add lime distillation.
4. soto chicken very delicious when presented with the chutney.

chutney soto:
chilli rawit5 bra is boiled, attenuate to add a little salt and tuangi a little hot broth.

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