Mung Bean Pudding.

Diposting oleh Indonesian food on Rabu, Mei 25, 2011


* 250 gr green beans, soaked overnight and steamed until tender
* 1000 cc of thick coconut milk
* 250 gr sugar
* 150 cc egg-white
* 2 packs for white
* brown food coloring
* salt to taste


* Boil all happy except the green beans to boiling
* Beat the egg whites until thickened
* Enter the material that has been boiled into the beaten egg whites
* Enter the green beans
* Prepare the mold and then wet with water until evenly
* Take some white dough and put into pan as the base material
* Insert some new chocolate dough and white dough
* Last insert the chocolate batter on top.
* Chill in refrigerator
* Serve after hardening.

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